George Henry Smith-Carter

I am one of the daughters of George Henry Smith-Carter. I fondly remember our father talking about

his youth growing up in the town of #Uttoxeterstaffordshire. In 1965 Our family immigrated to Western

Australia and unfortunately dad never returned to his birth home. I’m interested in the history as he

only shared stories that I couldn’t fully understand or piece together. I’m sure there was quite a lot of

pain attached to his recollections and sometimes he preferred not to talk about his past.

As the story goes dad was born in Uttoxeter in 1924, his mother was Violet Smith the mistress of

Alfred Edward Carter. Dad was born Smith as he had taken his mothers name. He wasn’t shy in calling

himself a bastard. At 7 years old I had no idea really what that meaning was. Dad always told us that

he called himself Smith-Carter to honor both his parents. In 1940 dad joined the British Air force and he

lied about his age. Serving in the British Air force he became a Paratrooper and unlucky for him his jumped

to his destiny in Holland and was captured by the Germans. Dad was missing for one year and he was shot

down whilst paragliding. He became a prisoner of war for one year.

Letter to My Daughter

words of love & advice


I began to think about all the important and unimportant conversations I should have with my daughter’s. This is how the book aventuated. Im an Artist not a writer but somehow my heart was guiding me to write these words down. Soon I compiled the pages together with my art works or photographs I had taken. It means alot to me. I’ve poured out my soul to them on paper and illustrated with my art and photographs. I published my book on but decided I would like to redo because I’m not entirely happy of the end results.